Boat Ramp Revamp in Chatham County

boat ramp

Boat launch congestion on Turner Creek Ramp will be alleviated with this new edition.

It costs more than four million dollars to complete.

The new launch has dual ramps, in addition to the existing one, that makes three lanes for boating traffic in and out of the water.

The improvements also include major upgrades to the parking lot with some really nice landscaping upgrades.

Motor vehicle access was a huge part of the budget as better access lanes were added to make getting on and off Johnny Mercer Boulevard, hauling a boat, a lot safer.

Chatham County Commission spokesman Pete Nichols says that part of the project was to make the turn-lanes much safer and user-friendly. “We had to consider that not just the ramp itself, but for the whole facility to make that much safer for people to use,” Nichols said.

Not everyone seems pleased with the new ramp. There’s been some complaints on the internet that the ramp is too steep.

Nichols says they’ve heard that criticism, responding that the grade on the new ramp meets the recommended guidelines for a boat launch.

The facility is in the midsts of what Nichols calls a “soft opening” — but there’s more going on than testing the waters.

The official grand opening for the new and improved Turner Creek Boast Ramp is set for August 6.

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