Safe Cycling is Smart Cycling for Savannah Bicycle Campaign

SAVANNAH (GA)- Looking to get your kids or family into cycling around the area?
The Savannah Bicycle Campaign wants to let you know being a safe cyclists means being a smart one.

The campaign hosted, on Saturday, a day long class on smart cycling. We’re not talking safety in the way of just a helmet and some pads. This class teaches cyclists everything from maintenance to road safety to-do’s. Members at the Savannah Bicycle Campaign host the course every few months to get the word out to seasoned or novice cyclists.

“It really is for people who want to spend more time on their bike whether it’s for recreation or transportation, and they want to be safe there are a lot of people that are very interested in cycling and they’re concerned and this is one way to alleviate those concerns so that they’ll be calm and confident while riding their bike,” says Savannah Bicycle Campaign Executive Director John Bennett.

To look at The League of American Bicyclists’ recommendations to be a safer cyclist you can view their webpage here.

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