Friends and Family Honor Savannah Poet, Playwright and Professor

Dr. Ja Jahannes of Savannah, Georgia
Dr. Ja Jahannes

SAVANNAH (GA)- Family, friends and community members sang and celebrated the life of Dr. Ja Jahannes this afternoon. Jahannes is most known for his contributions to arts and literature and to many in the Savannah community as a professor at Savannah State University.

He wore many hats but no matter how busy Dr. Jahannes was, he seemed to always be there for his family. They honored his life Saturday, but his legacy is something that family members say will never fade away.

“The way he was able to define and be respected in that field I think it’s definitely something to strive for and definitely something couldn’t really talk to me about,” says his grandson Jordan Williams.

More than the dozens of talents, titles or trademarks Jahannes gathered in his lifetime, relatives say he still found ways to keep his family close through it all.

“He was almost like a dad to me, a long distance dad pretty much i could always call him and talk and he was always there,” says his nephew Herbert Murphy.

Music and poetry highlighted his celebration of life ceremony underlining the many mediums he used to send his message.

“Be real, be honest, be upfront and keep moving forward. Be real, just what is natural for you people will accept and embrace,” says his oldest nephew Rodney Johnson.

Moving forward, Jahannes’ family takes comfort in knowing that he no longer has to suffer from his heart ailments. Even though physically he may be gone, they know his work will forever leave a mark in the cultural arts.

“He lived a full life, he touched a lot of people, influenced a lot of people so his passing is really a transition because his presence is still here in each and every one of us as far as his children as far as his family in the things we do they way we speak, what we do, the way we carry ourselves,” says Johnson.

A showing of Dr. Jahannes’ latest play will be performed next weekend at the Jewish educational alliance. You can purchase tickets online at they are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.



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