Dangerous Wildfires Tear Across California Highway

Terrified motorists abandon their cars as raging wildfire blows across California highway and torches EVERYTHING in its wake.

At least 20 vehicles and five homes were set alight in its path.

The fast-moving blaze began north of State Route 138 in the Baldy Mesa area on Friday, forcing both lanes of Freeway 15 – the main road between Southern California and Las Vegas – to shut down.

Dramatic aerial pictures show trucks and cars in flames, forcing motorists to abandon their cars and rush to safety, but reports suggest only two people suffered minor injuries.

Dozens of vehicles were vacated and hundreds of others turned onto side roads to get away from the flames as water-dropping helicopters flew overhead.

More than 20 fire engines were deployed, some of which were parked in front of houses to protect them.

Some drivers left their cars with their keys, meaning responders had to two vehicles that were sitting in the path of the fire.

The fire led authorities to shut several freeway lanes, causing traffic to back up for miles.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Steve Carapia said 50 to 75 vehicles were left abandoned on the freeway.

Source: KTLA

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