The Carolina Mission Team lends the Savannah community a helping hand

The Carolina Mission team hard at work on Wednesday, July 15, 2015, fixing the shingles on a Tatemville home.

In the summer time, most students look forward to going to the beach or hanging out with their friends.

But the Carolina Mission Team looks forward to spending some of their time this summer to make the community better.

The group, made-up of almost 300 students and adult volunteers that range in age from 11 to 76, goes to a different city every year–leaving their hand print on communities in many different ways.

This year they let News 3 come along as they got to know our wonderful city through a little home improvement!

With each nail that’s hammered into place–the Carolina Mission Team is one shingle closer to finishing the roof of this Tatemville home.

“We’re making great progress on our roof, the whole team is working together great, we haven’t had any issues all week. I’m just excited to be a part of it,” said Ben Southwell.

He’s a member of the First Baptist Church in Mauldin South Carolina and told News 3 he’s been volunteering with the group for some time now. Six or Seven years—He loves it so much, he’s lost count.

Southwell’s a part of a group that has dedicated this entire week to improving the lives of families in Savannah.

They got their start in 2006 when churches in the North and South Carolina joined forces to help after Hurricane Katrina.

“We all come together once a year during the summer to spend a week to do construction, ministry, and in different cities–just trying to get out there and reach people that we wouldn’t reach otherwise and just try to share god’s love any way that we can,” Southwell said.

Ardsley Park Baptist Church recognized the group’s leadership and decided to give them a place to call home here in Savannah, for a second year in a row.

The pastor of the church, Pastor John Tillman, told News 3 the time they take to show love and care for the city– is priceless.

“These students are incredible students. They come here, they work hard, they’ve given up a week of their summer, they’ve paid to be here as part of their summer and they’re out serving other people– instead of taking their time, money, energy to do something for themselves, they give back to somebody else,” said Pastor Tillman.

And volunteers say the response they receive from the people they help really keeps them going.

“Just seeing the joy in all the homeowners that we touch, year after year, year-in-and-year-out, in different cities, it’s always the same-thankfulness and joy and it’s just awesome to be able to share god’s love in that way,” Southwell told News 3.

The group told News 3 they expect to be done with the roof by Thursday or Friday of this week.

And when they get some spare time, they say they can’t wait to explore the city!



For more information about the Carolina Mission Team, click here:

For more information about The Ardsley Park Baptist Church, click here:

For more information about Mission Serve, click here:

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