Testimony Continues In Trial of Former SCMPD Officer

On Wednesday, the trial continued for Malik Khaalis with the prosecution calling more witnesses. Khaalis is charged with violating his oath of office and he’s accused of helping criminals avoid a drug bust.

Officer Larry Harris testified today for the prosecution. He said in 2010 he was part of a wire tap team that involved Khaalis and noticed some unusual behavior. Harris said Khaalis told a metro officer to stop a car that was involved in meeting with a drug target.  Harris said it’s unusual for wire tap agents to go after a car and that Khaalis didn’t have permission from the case agent. The supervisor at the time, Major Russell Smith, said Khaalis told him that he did get permission.

“Nobody was consulted so I was extremely upset. I asked him what happened and he said well I did it but I don’t know why I did it,” said Officer Russell Smith.

Case agent Michael Delatorre was also called to testify. He said he came to believe that Khaalis was leaking information to drug dealers but the defense countered he had no hard evidence that Khaalis was involved in drug activity.

The defense is expected to call its witnesses tomorrow.

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