Citizens Critique Garden City Policing

The people of Garden City had their chance to critique their own Police Department Tuesday.

“Chief Lyons has made it very clear that it is a partnership,” explained one citizen.

A public hearing at Garden City City Hall gave citizens a chance to offer their opinions both good and bad, about how the city’s department deals with crime.

It’s part of the department’s National Accreditation Assessment. That’s a check that happens every three years.

Garden City is one of only 30 agencies in the state to have that designation, and as part of the process, assessors want to hear what the public thinks about their police, and so does the Chief too.

“We want to hear their feedback, we want to hear what the public thinks,” explains Garden City Police Chief David Lyons. “If there’s some area that we need to do a better job in, Then now’s the time to hear that.”

This is just part of the process.

Assessors will be looking at all aspects of the Department for the next few days before making their final decision.

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