Hearing set in Massachusetts terror plot case

In this July 26, 2012 photo provided by the Northumberland News, Alexander Ciccolo participates in a peace walk through Brighton, Ontario. Law enforcement officials say Ciccolo was arrested after his father, a Boston police captain, alerted authorities that his son was talking about joining the Islamic State group and setting off bombs. (Dave Fraser/Northumberland News via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

SPRINGFIELD, MA — A detention hearing has been set for today for Alexander Ciccolo, a man accused of plotting an attack for ISIS who was apprehended Monday, July 13, 2015.

The FBI had been keeping tabs on Ciccolo since September 11 of last year when they learned he intended to head overseas to join ISIS.

Agents say his Facebook page was filled with information about his ideas.

Ciccolo spoke of how he thought ‘the faith was under attack’

Ciccolo spoke very highly of the killings of Americans overseas, including the French terrorist attack.

Ciccolo called those killings ‘awesome and a huge accomplishment.’

News 10 spoke to neighbors who described Ciccolo as ‘an oddball.’
Ciccolo is the son of Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo who told the FBI his son has had a history of mental illness which led police to look into the case.

Last week, the FBI raided his apartment.

During the search, the FBI found homemade bombs.

Police said Ciccolo told them the bombs were made in a way that the fire from the devices would stick to people’s skins, making it harder to put out.

According to the criminal complaint, Ciccolo purchased four firearms from a member of the Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Ciccolo told police he had plans to commit acts of terrorism, including setting off a pressure cooker at an unidentified university.

Officials say Ciccolo said the attack would include students being executed through a live broadcast online.

He also told police he was inspired by the Boston Bombings from 2013 and wanted to plan a similar attack.

Neighbors told News 10 they saw the FBI around the neighborhood but didn’t think it was for something this serious.

Ciccolo worked for a man named Dave White, who says he was always confused of Ciccolo’s background.

“We questioned him about if he was Italian or if he was Muslim,” White tells News 10. “He really didn’t want to comment so much on that.”

Ciccolo’s detention hearing is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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