Man Accused of Stealing Has History of Deception


Jeffrey Anderson and Alexis Burke are sitting behind bars after allegedly stealing from a Garden City couple in early July.

Police say they told the elderly couple they were contractors and would do work on their pool, but instead they stole credit cards, jewelry and several other things.

“He can talk his way through anything,” said Brittany McCranie, a former friend of Anderson. “He can get his way into somebody’s house just by talking to them.”

McCranie has known Anderson for years and said he pulled a similar move on her when he came to her for help in 2012.

“He didn’t have a place to go, place to live, no money in his pocket to be fed, I told him he could stay at my house to help him out.”

She tells News 3 the arrangement worked well at first, but then one day she said he stole $1,000 and took off.

“That was my rent, that was my electricity bill, that was food for my son and he took everything!”

She filed a police report but had no evidence to prove it was Anderson who took the money; then a week or so later he was picked up on charges of manufacturing meth.

McCraine said shes glad he’s off the streets and cant fool anyone else, but police warn there are plenty of others looking to take advantage of someone with their guard down.

“The main thing right now we’re looking at is people going door-to-door wanting to do yard work,” said Garden City Police Officer Barbara O’Neal. “If somebody shows up at your door and they don’t have any tools and they want to use your tools, I would say ‘no.'”

To report a scam, call your local police department or click here.


Two people are behind bars, accused of taking money, jewelry and more from an elderly couple.

Garden City Police tell News 3 Jeffrey Anderson and Alexis Burke are facing Theft by taking, Burglary and Elder Exploitation charges.

Investigators say the pair told the couple they were contractors, and would do work on their pool. But when the couple, left, they stole various things from inside the home, including mementos, jewelry, and other things with sentimental value.

Officers were eventually able to track down the couple because they say Burke used a debit card stolen from the couple.

Burke also facing financial crimes charges as well stemming from that transactions.Alexis Burke Jeffrey Anderson

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