Back to School Means Immunization For Kids

(Associated Press) Pediatrician Charles Goodman, talks with patient Carmen Lopez holding her 18-month-old son, after the boy got the MMR vaccine in January, 2015.

Parents, its time to start thinking about your children heading back-to-school. While you’re out buying pens and notebooks, there’s one more thing you need to add to the list, vaccinations.

Doctors in our area say there’s no time to wait, offices are already filling up. Following July 4th, doctors tell News 3 that appointments are hard to come by and once you get into August, it will be tough to get your child in.

Besides being health protectors, shots for things like whooping cough are mandatory for students in public schools in both Georgia and South Carolina.

According to Dr. James Simmons, a pediatrician in Port Royal, it’s never too early to get these back to school shots.

“Everybody has that mentality, we have a month, we have time so, remember, everybody’s going to think that exact same way and everybody rushes in August, and then what happens is that you can’t get in to see your doctor, and then you get in trouble with the schools,” Simmons told News Three.

Doctor Simmons urges every parent to make an appointment with their child’s doctor as soon as possible, saying its even a good idea if they have to get a physical to just get their vaccines in the same visit. It saves time and worry about getting in a second visit before the new school year

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