13-Year-Old Invention Gains National Attention

13 year old pitches baseball invention

(WVIR)  A 13-year-old Virginia boy is seeking investors to turn his invention from a middle school summer camp project into a business.

Nick Anglin came up with an idea to help young baseball players perfect their pitch.  His invention, “Strikey Sensors”, is a grid of lasers and sensors connected to winding wires, programmed to tell a pitcher if it’s a ball or a strike.

The lasers create a perfect 28-inch strike zone for young pitchers to improve their arm’s aim.  If a ball breaks one horizontal and one vertical laser, the green strike light illuminates. If a pitch only breaks one laser, it’s a ball and a red light flashes.

Anglin developed and built “Strikey Sensors” during a three-week-long camp last summer.   The camp allows kids to get hands-on experience with computer programming, electronics, and engineering.

Read more: http://bit.ly/1JUpSq4

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