Three Teens Charged In Shooting Death Appear In Court

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Three teens accused in the May 31st shooting death of another teen appeared in Chatham County Recorder’s Court Thursday. The three teens didn’t say anything or show much reaction in court as a Metro police detective described what he discovered during his investigation.

Detective Jacob Shroyer detailed how multiple witnesses ID’d 15 year olds Zykieam Redinburg and Tobias Daniels along with 13 year old Antonio Griffin as the boys who first held a gun to the head of 15 year old Mikell Wright’s younger brother in an attempt to rob him – then when he didn’t have anything – went after his brother who’d gone to a nearby candy store because they assumed he’d have money. After allegedly robbing Mikell – witnesses told investigators it was 13 year old Griffin who actually pulled the trigger multiple times. “Everybody that we’ve spoken with in this case has reported hearing six or seven gunshots, said Detective Shroyer. “What position was he in when he was shot?,” asked the Prosecutor. Detective Shroyer responded, “He was standing up initially.” “Initially? And then what happened after he was shot?” “After the first shot he fell to the ground and then Antonio Griffin stood over him and kept hitting, shooting him.”

An autopsy showed Mikell Wright died of multiple gunshot wounds. All three boys have been charged as adults with murder and armed robbery. The case was bound up to Superior Court Thursday for indictment by the Grand Jury.

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