Palmetto Animal League Saving 40 Extra Cats

40 cats were pulled from a Bluffton apartment complex two weeks ago by an area rescue group who contacted the Palmetto Animal League for help.

“So what we agreed to do, what we had to offer was space to temporarily house them, evaluate them, and take care of their medical. Get started on the spay/ neuter, shots, we treated the upper respiratory, we had one that needed emergency surgery, so we were starting that process,” said shelter director, Amy Campanini.

Campanini says the rescue group agreed to help relocate the animals and help pay the medical bills, both of which has yet to happen, so now its straining all their resources.

“We are not a county funded facility, or even in our stage of the game right now in a position that we can absorb 40 cats in one day.”

Unfortunately, Campanini says that’s exactly what happened because there was no where else for the cats to go, but having big hearts could lead to problems for the facility.

“This could really put us in a budgetary funding challenge, and obviously finding homes. We are now totally at capacity, we cant help any more cats until people come in and adopt from us.”

So far they’ve only been able to place one cat and while folks have provided food and litter donations, homes are whats needed most.

“We really need people to come out, foster, adopt. We are waving adoption fees, we’ll just take a donation.”


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