One-Handed Pitcher Impresses with Talents

11-year-old, one armed pitcher impresses

(WXII) An 11-year-old baseball pitcher in Greensboro, North Carolina is turning a lot of heads for a lot of reasons.

Brittany Apgar says she started playing baseball at age 2, and she’s been hooked ever since.

But Brittany isn’t like most of the ballplayers in Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation “Bronco Division.”

First off, she’s a girl.  More importantly, though, she’s a girl without a right hand.

“When I first get on the field, I can feel everybody watching me.  I feel like a nervousness.  But then once I start throwing they can see I’m just there to play. Not play around,” she says.

In her 11 years, she’s had 11 surgeries on this birth defect and expects more in the future, and it’s impossible to slow her down.

She wears a special prosthesis when she bats, but her real love is pitching.

Even though he retired before she was born, Brittany says one of her heroes is Jim Abbott.

Abbott is another one-handed southpaw.  He spent 10 seasons in the big leagues and threw a no-hitter in 1993.  She says one of her goals in life is to meet him one day.

With the help of her father and coach, Tom, Brittany even copied Abbott’s fielding method, balancing the pocket of her glove on the end of her right arm then quickly slipping that glove onto her left hand once she’s delivered the pitch.

Brittany is a regular on all-star and travel teams.

A rising 7th grader- she hopes to play ball with the boys through high school.

“It was a goal to get people to accept me for who I am and to know that they won’t take me for anybody different,” she says.

In her next few operations, Brittany says her doctors will try to make joints in her right hand so that one day she’ll be able to move her fingers.


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