Telfair Birthplace New Breastfeeding Initiative

There’s a nationwide push to improve breastfeeding rates.

According to the Centers for Disease Control Georgia ranks 43rd for breastfeeding care practices.

Checking with Telfair Birthplace at Candler Hospital more than 3,000 babies are born there yearly.

75% of moms start breastfeeding when they get to Telfair.

About 50% of them leave exclusively breastfeeding .

While Telfair’s breastfeeding practices have been successful a grant was just awarded to join a national initiative to eliminate breastfeeding barriers.

Colby and Trey Aimar just experienced the wonderful birth of twins.

“We’re just blessed beyond belief and our families are here, and we couldn’t be happier for these little boys.”

The Aimar’s feel a twin class coupled with education at Telfair Birthplace is a boost to their confidence when it comes breastfeeding.

“Breast milk has so many amazing you know ingredients that really help them fight off infections and build up their immunity so that’s why we chose to try to breastfeed,” explains Colby.

Nurses at Telfair are now encouraging more mothers to try breastfeeding.

They trust a grant from enhancing maternity practices will train more co-workers to help mother and baby.

“We’ll all be working together trained facilitators and coaches that will give us a 10 level approach to making sure that we continue to have our moms have the best quality at home as well and not just here at the hospital,” according to Melanie Howard.

Quality of care is their number one goal.

“We also see patients are much more satisfied if they’ve been offered these resources to be able to have Skin to Skin that will help initiate breastfeeding better, and then if their babies are able to stay in the room with them they’re actually able to bond better,”

Training from nurses proves to be a win win for the Aimar.

“We really have tried to focus on the latching and trying to get them positioned right, but it has been a challenge. We’re gonna try to stick with it as long as we can just for their health,”says Colby.

Breastfeeding classes are offered before moms deliver.

A support class is also available once a month after delivery.

If you are interested in the classes call the St. Joseph’s/Candler care center at care (912) 819-3360.



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