Neglected Savannah Apartment Complex Needs More Fixes

Serious problems in a Savannah apartment complex, uncovered during a News 3 investigation is getting action from management company – but is it just a quick fix?

Neighbors in the Westlake Apartments say they’ve seen a lot of changes outside, like new signs and improvements to the complex’s curb appeal, but the real issues are inside the apartments and they tell News 3 they’re still waiting for more permanent fixes to come.

“Nothing’s happened since then,” said Charita Downing.  “I still have the same termite wings in my windows spider webs under the cabinets, still have the same stuff.”

According to PK Management, the company that runs the complex, they have completed repairs in 60 of the 100 units.

The Department of Housing and Urban development was at Westlake Tuesday doing a check-in, but the reasoning is still unclear.

A HUD spokesman says they do what are called “REAC Inspections” regularly — and how often depends upon the previous score.

According to documents though, HUD wasn’t due back for another inspection for two years.

Similarly, a few years ago when mold issues surfaced at the complex, HUD did tell WSAV it was doing it’s own investigation which included sending their own people out to check on the issues.

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