Firefighters, Students Helping Train Service Dogs

It’s a partnership between some local firefighters and high school veterinary students.

Firefighters are helping train service dogs by getting them used to loud noises and seeing people in firefighter gear.

“Well, I think it’s a huge learning experience for them, cause it’s not just teaching them to go to the rest room. But you’re actually exposing them to different elements,” said Elisa Zador, Island High School Teacher.

“Blind people go everywhere, so the dogs will go along with them,” explainds Megan Simone, Islands High Graduate. “And the dogs need to be exposed to the different sounds,

“It’s pretty much my entire life,” says Christel-Ann Ramus, Islands Senior. “I love the fact that we’re training these puppies to become guidedogs to help people with disabilities have the lives that we’ve been able to take for granted.”

“It’s good for them from a home standpoint but for school it’s great,” says Christel. “From all the other students not only learn about obedience, the civic, their duty, their cause.”

“Working with the fire department will help create a stimuli that the dogs have not yet gotten. That will help them in the future, because if they are ever in an emergency, they’ll be able to act calm because they’ve been around this, they know what’s going on.”

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