Coffee Bluff Marina Seeing Heavy Traffic as City Approves Shore Power Installation


SOUTHSIDE SAVANNAH – Since its remodeling, the Coffee Bluff marina has gone through several ups and downs. With new management though, the marina is seeing some of the heaviest traffic in years.

In one month it will mark the marina’s first full year of operation. Many locals had their doubts when it opened saying critical elements to the marina like shore power and outer dock fuel stations were left incomplete.

“We’re well over fifty percent but we’re getting a lot of folks who put in on Friday and stay through the weekend, we’re very happy to accommodate that it’s a great convenience to the customers.”

Marvin Metzger took over the Coffee Bluff marina in June and was seeing fewer than five boats remain at dock. This 4th of July Metzger even had to turn boaters away with the marina at full capacity.

Since the city brought him in as new management, neighbors have seen it flourish.

“Oh I think it’s great, we have been down here so much more than we use to we come down here almost every weekend,” Myra Brown who lives with her husband Mel down the road from the marina.

With all of the changes that have come here to the Coffee Bluff marina, there’s still one big change on the way, bringing shore power so that larger boats can utilize the space.

“I am delighted to see that we are moving forward with the contract for the shore power to put that in,” said Tony Thomas at the last Savannah City council meeting where the city approved a bid to contract the shore power project.

Pace Electric is now contracted to put shore power on the marina and it will cost more than $180,000 to the city. For alderman Tony Thomas it’s a contract long time coming.

“We have been piecemealing this coffee bluff marina out, it’s time for us to finish this project, finish it right and move on to the next projects,” said Thomas.

With shore power slated to be on Coffee Bluff in a few months and outer fuel before September, Metzger is expected business to stay busy through the fall.

“I’ve had so many customers come in and ask for that and even some of the smaller boaters…I’m really excited about shore power it’s going to drive in some better business.”

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