Rainy Weather Clears in Time for Savannah 4th of July Fireworks

SAVANNAH (GA)- This years fourth of July in Savannah lit up the sky along River street. Just of few hours earlier though celebrants were worried the light show would be in jeopardy due to torrential rains.

Some visitors were not going to let it rain on their parade.

“Good, good, we love it we’re going to come back next year,” says Betty Seals who’s visiting from Atlanta.

Seals is visiting famly in town celebrating little London’s birthday.

“What’s your favorite kind of firework, ‘pink’, the pink ones, is that your favorite color? ‘yeah’,” London says.

For seals this independence day represents to her a day for loved ones.

“Family, it’s all about family”

Karl Nason is on river street with his wife Tammie. The fourth for Nason keeps to its purpose to honor the freedoms we have.

“It means to celebrate freedom, just you can see it when you walk up and down here you see freedom, being able to sell what you want, but what you want, eat what you want, with no one up there finger pointing ‘eat vegetables.'”

Drenched or not, the rains couldn’t stop the crowds from remaining on river street enjoying this fourth of july.

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