City Workers Keeping Tybee Island Clean During Holiday Weekend

Public Works crews clean-up the beach front area of Tybee Island the day after the July 4th Fireworks show.

Independence Day weekend has drawn pretty big crowds out to Tybee Island…especially for the fireworks show on Friday night!

Some who lived on the island worried that big crowds could also mean large amounts of trash.

But Tybee Island City Workers have been working hard to make sure the area stays clean for visitors throughout this July 4th weekend.

Public works crews started their cleaning efforts bright and early, around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. They used sanitation trucks, trash blowers–and some workers were also seen removing trash by hand.

City workers also told News 3 that some volunteers started to clean-up right after the fireworks show ended on Friday night.

Visitors on the beach front today told News 3 they’re very impressed with the city’s efforts.

“The way they were doing it–so efficient and proficient–they were just like ‘wow!’ these guys, they’re doing their job man!” said Jeremiah Floyd, a visitor to Tybee Island from Vidalia, Georgia.

City officials say they typically deal with an average of 25-30 tons of trash during the holiday weekend.



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