Police Presence Raised for Tybee’s Fireworks Celebration

Weather, crowds, and traffic will make for a stressful weekend as Tybee Island heightens its police presence preparing for their 4th of July festivities. Be sure to do your research before heading out to Tybee here’s a link to traffic volumes on the island.

“We feel like we’ve done everything we can to get ready for this,” says Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman.

This will mark the busiest weekend Tybee Island is expecting to see this summer. With one accident taking place earlier this week on highway 80, Mayor Jason Buelterman tells News Three police are on high alert today for the annual July 3rd fireworks celebration.

“We have as many officers out as we can have to make sure everyone is safe.”

Besides monitoring the amount of traffic, Tybee and Metro police will also be on hand to help ocean rescue on the beach.

“We also have our ocean rescue fully staffed to make sure people don’t get hurt out there or get stuck in a rip current,” says Buelterman.

Traffic coming on to Tybee has been an issue all spring and summer. Surprisingly enough, Mayor Buelterman expects this weekend to be the tipping point of traffic flow of tourists visiting Tybee. He expects the heavy summer traffic to decrease as the month goes on and schools start back up.

Comparing this year to years past, officials are optimistic they’re prepared for the worst.

“We have made sure that even though we don’t control highway 80 from the Lazaretto to the bull river bridge, that we have definitely raised awareness amongst metro police and Georgia state patrol about the need to have more officers out there to make sure that traffic flows smoothly that there’s no bottlenecks or that the bottlenecks are kept to a minimum…”

You can see the latest traffic volumes on leading out to Tybee Island here.

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