Lightning Strikes Lady’s Island Home, Setting Fire

The Lady’s Island St. Helena Fire District responded to a house fire on Wiggins Street on Lady’s Island this morning at 6:15. After lightning hit the rear of the home, the owner could smell smoke and realized a light fixture in her hallway had busted. She quickly called 911 as did her neighbor, who saw flames shooting from the roof and rear section of her home.

The owner, her sister and 12 year old nephew live in the house. She stated that her nephew learned to have an “evacuation plan” when he was in the 1st grade at Coosa Elementary.

“We were pleased to hear, this because obviously fire prevention is very important to us and we make sure we get around to all the schools in our district every year to teach children what they should do in the event there is a fire,” Lady’s Island Fire District spokesman Scott Harris said.

The owner said each person in the home had a bag and clothes set aside that they grabbed as soon as they realized there was a fire. They got outside to their meeting place and called 911.

As for this mornings fire, it caused an estimated $4,000 worth of damage. Lighting hit the roof, peeling back a large section of shingles and ran down the exterior wall where the fire started. When crews arrived on scene, they saw smoke and flames and quickly pulled hose to the rear of the structure. The fire was extinguished before it could spread inside the home. Crews then checked for extension in the attic and the rest of the home with nothing found. After just over an hour, we cleared the scene. The 12 year old boy was determined that his family have a plan, as his aunt (home owner) has to rely on a wheelchair most of the time. “Thanks to him and his fast thinking there were no injuries and minimal damage to the home,” said Harris.

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