GSU student creates petition, Wants Confederate Soldier Statue removed from Bulloch County Courthouse

Confederate Soldier Statue in front of Bulloch County Courthouse.

Outside of the Bulloch County Courthouse, a Confederate Soldier statue has been sitting on their front lawn area for more than 100 years.

But now a Georgia Southern University student and some community members want to change that—and have started a petition in efforts to have it removed.

“People are definitely hurting…”

GSU student James Woodall says it’s because they have to see symbols like this—a Confederate Soldier Statue—every time they commute through Downtown Statesboro.

“And if we ignore that someone else is hurting to embrace our own ideals, identity and all those other things…we’re not only disregarding and disrespecting their humanity but disregarding the humanity of all mankind,” Woodall said.

That’s why Woodall –along with others who signed his petition—want to see the 106-year-old monument removed from the Bulloch County Courthouse Lawn…

“Something that serves in front of the Bulloch County Courthouse that limits a lot of ideas into what really justice is…so you see that and you’re an African-American and say that really doesn’t serve in my best interest…we’re already at a disadvantage before we even walk inside the courtroom,” Woodall told News 3.

So what does Woodall think should be done with the statue?

“That statue should not only be taken down—but put in a place where it can be respected…and treated fairly and equitable, but at the same time, have something in its place that represents all persons and not just people of the Confederate heritage.”

The Bulloch County Attorney, Jeff Akins, says he believes county officials will consider those views.

“I think the commissioners will be open to hearing both sides. i think certainly it’s their obligation as elected officials and my experience, we have a good group of commissioners who are willing to listen to the citizens,” said Akins.

Woodall tells me he believes moving the statue is only a start…

“Again, it’s deeper than the statue. If we’re not able to come together to discuss this—that’s hurting a couple people—how can we come together to really discuss the issues that are systemic?” said Woodall.

The petition has more than 600 signatures.

Woodall told News 3 after he gets 1000 signatures, he will present this to the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners.

He says he’s contacted them in the past, but hasn’t received a response yet.


For more information about the petition, click here:

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