RECALL: Niagara bottled water due to E. coli

Niagara Bottling company issued a voluntary recall of its bottled water due to E. coli contamination of one of its springs, the company said in its official recall document.

According to Niagara, one of its spring sources is contaminated with the bacteria which were found in the water supply on June 10. The company urges to either not use the water or boil it for a minute before using.

E. coli are bacteria whose presence in the water indicates that it may be contaminated with human or animal waste, according to CDC. The microbes in the waste can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches or other symptoms, Niagara document explained. It may be more dangerous for infants, young children, some of the elderly and people with severely compromised immune systems.

Niagara Bottling hasn’t received any complaints about illness or injury in connection with this recall. The company has discontinued the use of the spring with the positive indication of E. coli.

The recall covers all spring water products produced at both the Hamburg, PA and Allentown, PA facilities from the time frame of 3 a.m. (EDT) June 10 to 8 p.m. (EDT) June 18, 2015. The products were sold under the following brand names:

Big Y
Best Yet
Nature’s Place
Morning Fresh
Western Beef Blue

The code on the bottle will tell you if it is under recall. The code will have the manufacturing date in it, do not use or boil before using the bottles with June 10 to June 18 dates on them.

For more information you can contact Niagara Bottling, LLC Consumer Services at (877)487-7873.

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