The District Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss

The District Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss (Image 1)

No “clear legal right”.
That’s how Meg Heap’s lawyer is responding to claims the Chatham County District Attorney should be disqualified from the Matthew Ajibade case.
It’s a story we’ve been investigating for months.
The 21-year- old was found dead in a restraining chair in January.
A coroner called Ajibade’s death a homicide, saying he died from injuries in a physical altercation with law enforcement.   9 deputies have been fired – and their case will be brought to a grand jury.
Ajibade’s family’s lawyer filed a motion last week requesting the District Attorney be disqualified from presenting that case to grand jurors.
In a motion filed today Heap says Ajibade’s lawyer will Claiborne has “not” proven that the DA has any personal relationship which would stop her from presenting the case to a grand jury.
Claiborne had claimed that Sheriff Al St. Lawrence donated money to heaps campaign which could taint the case.
The DA adds, the request is quote “not only legally baseless”, but is not in the family’s best interest because “it would only further delay the initiation of criminal charges.”
The motion adds that the move is only filed to quote “influence the criminal process and to bolster the civil suit which plaintiffs have threatened to file.”
Heap says she is “on track” to present all nine deputies cases to a grand jury next week.
She’s asked that the motion be dismissed and to stay involved in the case.

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