Crews Working To Clean Up Major Sewage Spill In Pooler

Crews Working To Clean Up Major Sewage Spill In Pooler (Image 1)

Cleanup crews are working long hours in Pooler after a major sewage spill. Over 10,000 gallons of sewage escaped from an underground line in the woods behind a grocery store in Pooler on Hwy 80 and Pooler Parkway. Pooler Fire Department Chief Wade Simmons said a citizen made a complaint about the odor Tuesday and city workers tracked it down the next day. It will take a couple of days to clean up the sewage.

“It actually went to the swamp and into the ditch. It did what it was supposed to do when it bust,” said Kenny Williams with EnviroVac.

Kenny Williams and his crew from EnviroVac are helping clean up roughly two acres. They are using hoses to vacuum up the mess.

“All of this was underwater with sewage and they’ve already got all the liquids out so from here we’ll bring in chemicals to put on top to kill anything that may be there just as a precaution,” said Williams.

The worry is E. coli, but Williams says his crew won’t leave until tests give the all clear.

“We’ll take samples to the lab and make sure there’s nothing hazardous left,” said Williams.

Chief Simmons says the leak is under control.

“We’re not sure really what happened with the pipe. It’s under pressure and it’s in a plastic line so it can separate and there can be a weak spot in it. Fortunately, I’ve been here for 7 ½ years and this is only the second one we’ve had in the city so it’s rare,” said Chief Simmons.

Chief Simmons said neighbors don’t have anything to fear your drinking water is safe.

“Fortunately for us it’s in this wooded area along the canal there is no real residents around it and it’s easy to contain it, rope it off, keep people out of it,” said Chief Simmons.

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