Community Reacts to Pinckney Death

Community Reacts to Pinckney Death (Image 1)

NEWS 3 Got reaction from those in Ridgeland, SC just hours after the news that state Sen. Clementa Pinckney was killed in the Charles shooting.

“Its still kind of hard to even believe at this point,” said Pastor Jerome Lewis.

Charles Mitchell, founder of “Concerned Citizens for Jasper County,” says he just cant believe a gunman would shoot people while they are praying in a church.

 “You know I’m hurt, I’m very hurt that we have to deal with these kind of issues,  hate crimes in 2015.”

As the Jasper county community awakens to the news that Senator Pinckney was among those killed in the Charleston shooting, the emotions begin to pour out.

“He’s been the leader, the pillar in this community for years. you know we all call on him, we all try to get him to be a part of whatever we’re doing, and he’s just been a person that spread himself all over this community,” Lewis said.

For Mitchell, Pinckney had been a friend and an inspiration.

“He inspired me. Every time I came into contact with him, he would always tell me to keep doing what you’re doing, you know everything’s going to work out. And I believe that.”

For Lewis, he’s trying to find a way to explain this tragedy to his congregation. But he says we just have to have faith.

“When something like this happens its just, its just really un………unexplainable.”

And Mitchell says he doesn’t know how his community begins to heal.

“Its going to be a long, long process, and its going to be even longer until this individual is caught that committed this crime.”

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