Savannah State Media High Camp Begins

Most high school students are enjoying their summer vacation, but for some future journalists, this Monday marks the first day of classes for Media High. 

It’s the second year for Savannah State University’s annual summer camp.  There are 16 students this summer, and they arrived yesterday.

Media High is designed to be as close to a real world experience as possible for the 2015 class.  Tina Brown, the camp’s executive director says Media High takes on a hands-on approach.  Brown says the instructors who work with the students share their extensive real world experience with the campers.  The students live in one of SSU’s dorms during the camp, which allows the instructors to give the students assignments during hours that mimic those of working journalists. 

“This is a complete multimedia immersion program, much like a boot-camp setting, so it gives them that experience. So if our students go back to their hometowns or come back to Savannah and say hey, we can start our own online publications, they will have the skills to do that.”

Brown says interest in Media High has clearly grown as they received nearly 50 applications from high school students.  There are some big name businesses who are pitching in to help develop the next generation of journalists.  Students learn on state of the art equipment, such as Nikon cameras and smart phones from Verizon. Both companies loaned the equipment to the camp to give students the tools they need to produce digital news content that will go on the web.

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