Beaufort Chef Competes for “Better Burger”

Beaufort Chef Competes for "Better Burger" (Image 1)

A Beaufort restaurant is hoping to take a bite out of a national competition.

Chefs at Breakwater restaurant in Beaufort joined the the James Beard Foundation’s “Better Burger” competition, which challenges chefs across the country, to make a better burger.

As part of the competition, chefs had to create a healthier version of the burger, which must include at least 25% mushrooms in the patty.

And NEWS 3’s Brittany Shane can tell you, it was delicious.  

Megan Horne — the sous chef at Breakwater– blends half exotic mushrooms and half wagyu beef for her burger then tops it with brie cheese,spicy garlic onion strips, truffle aioli and peach thyme mustard.

She says this work of art is drawing customers in and for her being able to create a healthy alternative to a regular burger is already a win for her and the people of Beaufort.

“I’m just really excited that i’ve been able to open people’s eyes in the city to say you can eat what you want, you just have to go outside the realm of normalcy to achieve it.”

According to the James Beard Foundation, blending meat with mushrooms reduces calories, fat, and sodium, while adding important nutrients like vitamin D, potassium and B vitamins.

At Breakwater, Horne says they plan on keeping the burger on their menu.

The contest ends July 31st. How can you vote for the breakwater?

Well that’s the tricky part, you have to go and eat the burger and then post a photo of it on Instagram with #BetterBurgerProject and #BreakwaterBeaufort.

The five chefs with the most Instagram uploads will win a trip to New York City in October 2015 to cook their “Better Burgers” at the official welcome reception for the annual JBF Food Conference at the historic James Beard House.

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