About WeatherWise Kids

Hey kids, do you have a weather question for STORM TEAM 3?

Each Thursday, a meteorologist answers a weather question on WSAV News 3.  If you’re question is chosen, we will send you a weatherwise kids prize!

Just go to this link to submit your question:  http://wsav.com/category/weather/weatherwise-kids/.  There’s even a place to upload your video if you want to ask your question on camera!  It’s simple.  Just record yourself asking the question on a smart phone and send it to us.

At WSAV we know what the viewers expect and we strive for excellence in providing the best local weather coverage to the Coastal Empire and Low Country every day. In order to continually grow awareness and to spread our knowledge into the community, WSAV has created Weatherwise Kids.

The WeatherWise Kids program gives the opportunity for local students to learn about the weather and what it means to be a meteorologist here in the Coastal Empire and Low Country. Through the interactive weather experience and tour, the storm watch hurricane tracking maps, and on site school visits; we are reaching out to the young viewers to build weather awareness for their safety and the safety of their families.



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