UPDATE: County Council passes stricter rules for Alljoy beachgoers

UPDATE: County Council passes stricter rules for Alljoy beachgoers (Image 1)

UPDATE: The Beaufort County Council has passed and ordinance that more strictly regulates activity at Alljoy Beach in the greater Bluffton area.

BACKGROUND:  Some stricter beach rules could be passed in tonight’s Beaufort County Council meeting. This comes after neighbors say some dangerous behavior has been going on at Alljoy Beach. 

Alljoy Beach is a small area of beach access to the May River, outside of Bluffton. This is the place where neighbors say dangerous things happen, and they feel too threatened to speak to NEWS 3 in an on-camera interview about what goes on at the beach right off their front porches. 

Neighbors tell NEWS 3 it’s alcohol and drug use that goes on, added to a variety of nuisance activity like parking cars on the beach and in yards, firing fireworks and openly burning, having pets off leashes, and trashing the place with their left behind garbage. They have gone to County Council about the problems, and an ordinance could be passed in Monday night’s meeting, to cut-down on the activity.  

The ordinance bans alcohol at the beach, open fire and fireworks, pets off their leashes, and cars on the beach and anywhere aside from parking spots. Neighbors say this would at least give the Sheriff’s office something to enforce, and they hope to see more policing.

Those NEWS 3 spoke with hope the ordinance passes. This will be the third and final reading tonight at 5 p.m.; it has already been passed unanimously on its first two readings. 


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