UPDATE: Army Officer Denied Bond on Murder Charges

UPDATE: Army Officer Denied Bond on Murder Charges (Image 1)

UPDATE: A Liberty County Judge has denied bond for Warrant Officer Jermaine Mealy on murder charges.    ================================================================================    More details were released on the shooting death of a Hinesville man Saturday afternoon

According to an incident report filed by Hinesville Police, investigators were dispatched to the shooting scene on Waverly Court around 12:29 pm.   The alleged gunman was identified as U.S. Army Warrant Officer, Jermaine Mealy who was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher and informed them the victim, Nathaniel Brown, was shot in the groin.

According to the report, investigators were walking towards the residence when Mealy exited the front door and told police he was fighting for the gun and shot Brown.

When police entered the home they found Brown laying on his back in the bedroom mostly inside a closet with Lisa Mealy kneeling next to him talking to Brown.  Brown had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.  Police performed CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived and transported Brown to Liberty Regional Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

The home on Waverly had allegedly been burglarized on Friday night and the female resident notified Mealy, who was attending school in Texarkana, Texas, that everything was okay and the police were investigating it.

Authorities say Mealy drove throughout the night and when he returned home, found his wife in the residence with a Brown and a fight started that led to the shooting.

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