Egg Shortage Hits Store Shelves

Egg Shortage Hits Store Shelves (Image 1)

(KPRC)  H-E-B grocery stores are restricting how many eggs customers can buy due to a huge bird flu outbreak affecting chickens in the Midwest.

New guidelines are posted in the stores – reading: “H-E-B is committed to ensuring Texas families and households have access to eggs, our eggs are not for commercial sale. We are asking our customers to limit their purchase to three cartons per purchase. The signs placed on our shelves last week are to deter commercial users from buying eggs in bulk.”

H-E-B released a statement Thursday that read, in part:

“The United States is facing a temporary disruption in the supply of eggs due to the Avian Flu.  The avian flu this year has impacted a significant portion of the egg laying population in the United States (over 30 million birds).  This temporary constriction in the US market has caused an increase in price and shortage in availability of eggs.”

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