Ridgeland woman charged in reporting a false shooting, hostage situation

NEWS 3 viewers were alarmed to see Ridgeland Police, Hardeeville Police, and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office on the scene of South East Pyrotechnics on N. Jacob Smart Blvd. on Saturday morning. However, Sgt. Tim East with Ridgeland Police says after investigating, it was all a false alarm.

Ridgeland Police responded to the 911 call. The caller reported a shooting and hostage situation at 11142 N. Jacob Smart Blvd. Officers arrived on scene and secured the perimeter of the business. One person was detained after crawling out a second story window. A second person was detained just inside the front door of the business.

A short time later, officers entered the business and cleared the entire building to find no hostages or shooting victims. Amanda L. Baker, 30, of Ridgeland, has been charged with unlawful use of 911 after calling and reporting a false call to dispatch.

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