Yemassee officers coach field day

Yemassee officers coach field day (Image 1)

It’s a new way of policing, and it might involve some dodge ball or a few relay races. Yemassee police officers took over Fennell Elementary’s gym, for a chance to play ‘coach’ on the students’ last day of school. From egg tosses to relay races, kids enjoyed having the men in uniform. 

Officers say it gives them a chance to show the children they are human, and to gain their trust and respect.

“They think that we’re the bad guys. A lot of times the parents may threaten them and say, if you don’t put your seatbelt on, I’m going to tell the police. So, we want them to know that we’re friendly, we’re one of them, we can have fun just like they can. If you something’s going on in the house, if they see a crime, they’ll feel like they can talk to us,” said Captain Gregory Alexander.

Policemen wrapped-up a two week span of holding field days at the school for grades pre-K through sixth grade.

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