Home Infested with Snakes

Home Infested with Snakes (Image 1)

Couple sues for $2 million after finding out their new $410,000 home was infested with snakes up to 7ft long.

Jody and Jeff Brooks and their two children moved into their $410,000 Annapolis, Maryland, home in December.  When the weather started to warm up, they learned they weren’t alone.

The family found eight black rat snakes, numerous snake skins and trails of snake feces.  After spending $50,000 to try to get rid of them, they had to move in with family. 

According to WUSA 9 News, Mrs. Brooks said they had been petrified that the snakes might mistake their seven-month-old daughter for vermin and slither into her crib at night.

Black rat snakes can live up to 25 years and grow to seven feet long.  They are non-poisonous snakes, and they can enter your home through dryer vents, water pipes or cable wires. 

A local pest control company, Home Paramount, said the infestation was unlike anything they had seen. 

Experts have also said that even if the family cleared the home of snakes, there is no guarantee they would not return.

Mr. Brooks told the media that he carried a machete around the home to try and kill any snakes that he could.  The family was also advised to tear down walls in the home to look for problem areas.  They found tracks the snakes used to move around the home.

The family also began airing its grievances.  This is when they were contacted by other families who had previously lived at the home and suffered the same fate. 

They now want to get out of their bank loan, and they want to sue their realtor and former homeowner, whom they claim knew about the issue but never mentioned it. 

Rat snakes can be found from New England south through Florida and west through the eastern half of Texas and Nebraska and north to southern Wisconsin.  According to Smithsonian National Zoological Park, the snakes are very useful around barns and in farming communities because they help control pest populations.  The website also states the following… “Due to people’s lack of knowledge and fear of snakes, rat snakes continue to be the victim of human persecution.”

Even if true…  would you want a family of snakes living in your home?

(sources:  WUSA, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, ABC News)

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