Anthrax Investigation

Anthrax Investigation (Image 1)

Now the latest on that live anthrax scare – a military lab shipped out twice as many samples as previously thought, and that may not be the end of it.

No one’s gotten sick so far. The Pentagon says twice as many labs got those samples, and that number could grow.

Dugway proving ground in Utah sent potentially live anthrax to 51 labs in 17 states and three countries

Twice as many as first reported. “We expect this may rise,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work

The Pentagon is still tracking down and testing more than 400 samples – four so far tested positive for live anthrax.

This is how the samples were shipped: Packed in dry ice and sealed containers via FedEx. “The chances of getting anthrax from the dilution of these samples and in the form in which they were in is virtually nil,” said High Containment Pathogens Specialist, Dr. Joseph Fair.

31 lab workers are being medicated as a precaution.

The military and CDC are trying to figure out how samples that were irradiated and tested still contained live spores. “Those sterility tests did not detect the presence of live anthrax. We need to know why,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work.

The CDC is expected to halt all anthrax shipments until they figure out what one official called “a complete mystery.”

Congress expects an update within days. House leaders – two democrats and two republicans – issued a joint statement saying this needs to be fixed before someone gets hurt.

– Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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