Savannah Church Holds Final Test Census Blitz

Savannah Church Holds Final Test Census Blitz (Image 1)

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau tackles a crucial job – counting all the people living in the United States.
Mandated as a part of the constitution by our founding fathers – the Census tracks basic information such as age, sex, race, and the number of people in your household.
It ensures that each community gets the right number of representatives in government, and helps with
distributing billions of dollars in public money for things like educational programs, highways, healthcare, and law enforcement.
As cities and towns continue to grow the information you give must be right.
Savannah was recently chosen as a “test” census leading up to the next census in 20-20.
With 5 days left here’s how one church is answering the call.
When you visit St. John Baptist Church good fellowship greets you.
Deeply rooted in the community, St. John’s congregation is committed to raising awareness about social issues.
The church just held a concert to encourage people to take the census test.
“I decided I needed to go ahead and do it because I had been procrastinating not doing it.
It took every bit of 5 – 10 minutes most to finish it.  It’s very simple very easy …easy to read,” explains Janice Smith.
Representatives from the Census Bureau were in town to help and ensure people that their information would be handled properly.
“They even had the tablets that they distributed while the concert was going on.”
Born and raised in Savannah Janice Smith believes as Savannah continues to attract new residents the census is needed for several reasons.
” I think that the Census will help us in getting the companies that we need to come here for jobs for schools we have for our children because it’s just growing by leaps and bounds and we can even see it even in our school system today we just don’t have enough schools we don’t have enough jobs.”
Other factors driving smith to take the “Test” Census, the condition of our roads and congestion
“It really doesn’t make a difference what time of day I go out.  The traffic is awful.  You can tell we just don’t have the infrastructure on highways to meet the demands of the people the growing of our city.
So it is definitely a need.”
Smith encourages savannah to stand together and take the census.
“It is simple.  As smart as our children are with iPads and phones they can do it in a matter of minutes.
They can help our seniors who are not computer literate.  It’s simple enough that anybody can take the
The Test Census closes Sunday, May 31st.  Click here to complete it :

Video Courtesy: Darryl Holder and St. John Baptist Church 

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