Hot Weather Pet Care

Hot Weather Pet Care (Image 1)

(NBC News)  The recent case of Iraq war veteran Michael Hammons, who smashed a window to free a dog from a hot car, serves as a reminder about protecting pets from the upcoming dog days of summer.

Even after a few minutes the inside of a car can become dangerously hot, especially for our furry friends.

“Put yourself in a hot car with the windows up with a fur coat on and you might have a better idea of what these animals are going through,” says veterinarian Dr. Judi Vogt.

Some pet owners are actually advocating shaving their cat or dog for the summer, but veterinarian says that’s a bad idea.   Your pet’s coat actually protects them from some heat, like direct sunlight.

Instead, limit your pet’s time outdoors when it’s extremely hot or humid and make sure he has access to shade, shelter and fresh water.

If they appear overheated, cool them down in lukewarm water.

“If you can submerge their whole body that’S the best,” Dr. Vogt advises.

Veterinarians say dogs and cats absorb a lot of heat through their paws, so avoid hot pavement when out for a walk or run.

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