Dozens Now Listed Missing In TX Floods

 (AP) – Hays County authorities in Texas say they’re trying to locate more than 40 people after a weekend of torrential rains and flooding.
Hays County Commissioner Will Conley says the count includes a dozen people who witnesses say they saw in the flood waters. Conley says the rest may be people who are staying elsewhere or aren’t at home.
Hays County emergency management coordinator Kharley Smith says two people died: one in San Marcos and another in nearby Caldwell County.
Conley says the Blanco River rose to 44.5 feet before the water gauge was knocked out – well above the flood stage of 13 feet.
Meanwhile, a North Texas man drowned when water being released from a dam overtook his kayak. The Tarrant Regional Water District says 29-year-old Joshua Reed of Fort Worth was on the water with others when they disregarded signs Saturday and entered a restricted part of the Trinity River adjacent to the main dam for Eagle Mountain Lake. Water was being released from the dam to prevent the lake from overflowing from recent rains.
Reed’s body was recovered Sunday. He is among the nine weather-related deaths over the weekend in Texas.

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