Commuting Warnings as Summer Vacation Begins

Commuting Warnings as Summer Vacation Begins (Image 1)

School is out for the summer and the man with oversight of the Traffic Enforcement Division of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department says it should help commute times. 

Lieutenant Gregory Mitchell says the absence of students has a positive effect on traffic flow for commuters who travel through or even near a school zone. 

“You’re not having the school buses, running the routes. You don’t have parents that drive their children to school on those routes, so there is a some relief, so to speak, on traffic congestion.”

Mitchell says commuters should not see the summer break as a green light to race through inactive school zones or on any roadway because speed kills. One of the biggest dangers is the escalating number of people who are multi-tasking behind the wheel.  

“Today’s society, with mobile devices, telephones, computers…people are distracted driving, if you see someone driving distracted, by slowing down, it gives you an opportunity to avoid a crash, so slowing down saves lives.”

Mitchell says that the radar hot spot does not take the summer off because kids are out of school.  He says the officers on radar hot spot patrols are looking for a number of things, especially the proper car seats for kids. 

It’s not just children, seat belt violations will get motorists pulled over in the hot spot.  Mitchell says officers are also trying to put the brakes on speeders and they are hoping to get the undivided attention of the distracted drivers.  Mitchell says officers are looking for all moving violations with the goal of spurring voluntary compliance to traffic laws. 

He says if drivers obey the rules of the road, they won’t get burned in a radar hot spot.

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