Cash for Red Light Runners

Cash for Red Light Runners (Image 1)

 We’ve all seen it – that car running through a red light, many times just inches away from causing a crash.

One Savannah lawyer wants to stop the speeders before the accident happens, and is putting his money where his mouth is.

“At least twice a week i’m sitting there, the light turns green. Before I speed forward, one to three cars speed through,” explains Howard Spiva.

That’s when the question came to Howard Spiva.

How do i stop the red light runners, and the accidents that happen after?

“I’ll put a reward out and anyone who videos someone running a red light and running into someone I will pay $100 for that,” said Spiva.

See a violator. See an accident, and make some cash, and make a difference.

“I will then give that to the police department to prosecute them for that either traffic or criminal and I will give it to whoever their attorney is to use it in their case,” explained Spiva. “Person one says I have the green light. Person two says I have the green light. Person 3 has the video. I’m going to buy the video and give it to the cops.”

That way police can prosecute the driver and keep them off the road.

“I’m not encouraging anyone to take video while they are driving, but if you are sitting at a red light its nothing for you to have the camera out, put it on video,” said Spiva. “Look both ways, then drive through.””

“I don’t want any more cases of people killed in a car accident or people injured because they lose and arm and leg I want people to stop having needless injuries because they don’t behave.”

And as for the naysayers, the people who believe he’s just trying to drum up business?

Spiva has a message for you.

“I’ve got more work than I can do now. I’ve got more cases than I can take. I can’t control what people think, but that’s not my motivation,” said Spiva. “This is my hope and expectation. If enough people are whipping out their cell phones and you know that if you run a red light and you could be put on video, there’s a good chance you might not do it.”

Spiva put this call to action on his Facebook page about a week ago and so far while he hasn’t gotten any videos, he has gotten a lot of emails from folks who appreciate what he’s trying to do.

One couple even says they plan to take two hours a day outside the car at intersections, with cameras in hand.

News 3 did ask Savannah-Chatham Metro Police about this idea and if it would make a difference.

They said simply, “no comment”.

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