Roadside Memorials Removed in Georgia

Roadside Memorials Removed in Georgia (Image 1)

The Memorial Day holiday originated with remembering fallen soldiers, but it’s also become a time when people decorate the graves of any loved one lost.  Sites that are just as solemn as a cemetery to some, are dismantled on a regular basis by workers for the state of Georgia. 

Road crews with the Georgia Department of Transportation are charged with keeping roadside right-of-ways clear and that includes the memorials set up to honor victims of traffic accidents.  A DOT spokeswoman says safety trumps sentiment.  Each and every one inside the right-of-way is illegal.  “We have our maintenance crews, anytime they go by and see these memorials, they are required to pick them up,”  said Jill Nagel with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

A grief  counselor with Hospice says that for some, it is important to set up these roadside memorials.  Holland Morgan is a grief counselor with Savannah Hospice  and says  the place where the loss of their loved one occurs has been transformed at the moment of their passing.  ” The place where a person dies takes on almost a sacred quality for people because that’s the place they associate with their loved one’s leave taking,”   Morgan said.

But the risk of making that connection beside a highway can be dangerous and that’s why roadside memorials are always eventually removed. 

The official memorial signs are available through the DOT, but there is an expense.  Authorized roadside memorial signs are temporary, Nagel says they are in place for a year, then given to the person who paid for it.

You can find out how to request an official roadside memorial for Georgia here.

Click here for more information on South Carolina roadside memorials.


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