Fake Killer Whale to Scare Away Sea Lions

Fake Killer Whale to Scare Away Sea Lions (Image 1)

The Port of Astoria, Oregon, has a problem. 

Hundreds of sea lions have taken over the docks, and boat owners can’t use their slips.  The community doesn’t know what to do about the pesky yet adorable sea lions.  That is… until now.

Just listen to this crazy idea…

The town is planning to use a life-size fake KILLER WHALE to hopefully scare away hundreds of sea lions. 

Terry Buzzard has a 32-foot-long fiberglass orca that he uses in parades to promote his business, Island Mariner Whale Watching Cruises.  Well, he heard about the problem in Oregon, and he has offered to “bring it down.”

Will it work?  No one knows for sure.  But the city is willing to try.  The Port of Astoria has tried using electrified mats, but those aren’t working.  They’ve also considered fences.

Buzzard says at worst…  the fake whale will be an amusing distraction for humans.

“If it doesn’t look like an orca whale and they call our bluff, then I guess they’ll sit there and thumb their noses at us,” Buzzard says.

The plan is to install an outboard motor on the fake whale.  It can then be driven around the docks.  Buzzard is offering the whale free of charge.

(sources:  Oregon Live, KTRK, NPR)

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