The Not-So-Emerald City

The Not-So-Emerald City (Image 1)

Now some Californians are SPRAY PAINTING their parched grass green to disguise effects of drought. 

While the Golden State is dealing with the dry spell, one industry is sprouting from the deficiency.  Landscapers are now offering to paint lawns green…  all environmentally friendly… that is.

Jim Power owns the company LawnLift.  He got the idea to paint lawns green back in 2007 when he was watching TV. 

‘I was up real late one night watching Nightline and there was a story about a guy in New York that was painting lawns, and I said, “What a great idea”.’

So today Jim paints lawns green for homeowners, hotels and wedding planners.  It used to be an industry targeted to just golf courses and athletic fields. 

But painting lawns isn’t the only step Californians are taking to help with the lack of water.  Many have demolished pools, cut back on showers and let their lawns turn brown. 

Experts say by the end of 2015 there will be less than a year’s worth of drinking water left in the state’s reservoirs’s.

Some ski resorts have shut down.  Some restaurants don’t give customers a glass of water unless they ask for one.

Even the Governor has ordered communities to cut water use by 25 percent by early next year. 

Some believe the drought could get worse before it gets better.

(sources:  Breibart News, CBS, The Weather Network)

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