Nine Line Apparel in Savannah Making a Difference for Vets

Nine Line Apparel in Savannah Making a Difference for Vets (Image 1)

Every day, our soldiers risk their lives to ensure our freedom, sometimes at the sake of their own health and well-being.

Now, one Savannah-based company is working to promote awareness of the challenges our severely injured soldiers face when they come home.

Nine Line Apparel takes money raised from donations and selling their retail products and puts it towards improving the quality of life for our wounded heroes through their non-profit, the Nine Line Foundation.

“We wanted to make sure that every dollar that we earned, every hard-earned dollar, went to the cause that we wanted to support,” said president of the foundation, Tyler Merritt.

Tyler and his brother Danny founded the company after serving as officers in the Army.

“In Iraq and Afghanistan, the Nine Line is an emergency, pretty much an emergency distress call,” said Danny. “When somebody gets hit on the battlefield you call a nine line to get them immediately evacuated to save their life.”

This weekend, on Saturday May 16th, the company will be holding it’s 2nd annual 5K and 10K to raise money for Chaz Allen, a veteran who lost both of his legs and the use of his right arm after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan.

For more information on the races, click here.

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