More Affordable Housing Coming to Bluffton

More Affordable Housing Coming to Bluffton (Image 1)

The town of Bluffton is expanding its affordable housing initiative.

One of the towns biggest initiatives is the “Bluffton Home Series” and with councils vote Tuesday to add six more homes,  that means there are nearly 30 affordable houses up for grabs.  

The series began back in July of last year, on Wharf street, now the series has been expanded to be built on individuals own property throughout the town. The town will help first-time home buyers apply for permits, and even walk them through the loan process. Owners will also receive incentives through the program, in the form of rebates on town fees.

Councilman Fred Hamilton says this is part of the town’s goal to keep a strong work force living and working in our area.

“Its truly the right thing to do. There’s so many citizens that we need to provide service for, and affordable homes, workforce homes, There’s high demand for that. and to provide that type of service is why we serve.”

Hamilton says the town is using a new company to construct the modular homes that should match the quality of the Wharf Street homes, but take the price point to less than $160,000. Making it perfect for first-time home buyers.

“These are quality homes, its basically on the same principle of a stick-built home, these are modular, but are very well constructed, and they give you equity in your home so its a great place to start especially for first-tim home buyers.”

He tells NEWS 3 that the Affordable Housing Committee plans on expanding the program for years to come. Also telling us they get several calls a week from folks interested in being a part of the program.

For more info on the program go to

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