Goodwill GoodGuides: Looking For A Few Good Mentors

Goodwill GoodGuides: Looking For A Few Good Mentors (Image 1)

Summer is quickly approaching and classes will soon be out for the summer.

But where does that leave your children? What will they do?

I spoke with an organization on Thursday that  may have answer.

The Goodwill of the Coastal Empire says the solution is easy…mentoring!

They had an event at Hubert Middle School, hoping to attract more people who to have fun, learn and most importantly—make a difference in their communities this summer.

The program is called “Goodwill GoodGuides.”

The program is for  children ages 12-17, and although they have people volunteering their time right now, they need more mentors and they want you to help.

Ernest Chisholm III, a Master Mentor with the program says it was his Mother and Maya Angelou who inspired him to join the program…

“I actually took a quote from Maya Angelou, she always taught me whenever you receive, give and whenever you learn, teach.. So now it’s my opportunity through the master mentor position to be able to pay all of those things that I’ve learned forward.”

And that’s exactly what The Goodwill of the Coastal Empire wants you to do…

“It take a village to raise a child. We have a large village within this community, so we need more mentors to assist our mentees as far as different time schedules,” Chisholm said.

At the recruitment event at, kids played video games, and interacted with one another—and some of the mentors during laser tag…

…and while the children think it’s just good ol’ fun, first-year mentor William Ross told me it’s much more than that…

“We do different activities to bring their minds in from some of the different things they’re going through daily. We talk to them, we give them encouraging words.”

…Words that are so important for kids who may not have anyone else.

“They are not in charge of the family they’re born into, the situation they’re born into and they’re not in charge of that. So it’s up to adults who are aware of these situations to intervene and be their guide if you would…be their GPS system to assist them and guide in the right steps and the right place in life we want them to make it to,” said Chisholm.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, visit this link:

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