VIDEO: Deputies Involved in Ajibade Death Punished for Unnecessary Violence

VIDEO: Deputies Involved in Ajibade Death Punished for Unnecessary Violence (Image 1)

Twenty-three days after Matthew Ajibade’s death at the Chatham County jail, sheriff’s deputies were forced to violently restrain another inmate in a restraint chair.

It took a handful of deputies, and the scene is hard to watch.

Nine hours later, deputies come back for Michael Warren Corbett. Opening the cell door is Frederick Burke, who was fired Friday for his still unknown role in Ajibade’s death.

Burke would be suspended without pay for this incident on Jan. 24 for incompetence: opening Corbett’s cell door without notifying a supervisor.

The confrontation between Burke and Corbett immediately turned violent.

The third officer to enter the scene, Mark Capers, swiftly delivered a knee blow to Corbett’s head. At some point, a female deputy used her taser on Corbett while he was in full restraints.

Capers’ actions would lead to his termination in February.

We asked the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office why these two deputies were still on the force for this incident in late January, if they were involved in the events preceding Matthew Ajibade’s death on New Year’s Day. It was a difficult question to ask, because the Sheriff’s Office still has not said how any of the 12 deputies now off the force were involved, either directly or indirectly.

But for Mark Capers, the unnecessary force on Corbett that led to his termination was not his first disciplinary action for these tactics.

In November, he was involved in the booking of inmate Kwesi Perry, who became agitated while removing articles of clothing.

Capers placed Perry in a choke hold, threw him to the ground, and landed a number of punches before kneeing the inmate’s head.

The same move would get him fired two months later. But not before he encountered Mathew Ajibade — even though there is still no explanation how he – or any of his 11 former coworkers – were involved in his death.

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