Kinder Morgan Responds to Deal’s Comments NOT to Support Palmetto Pipeline

Kinder Morgan Responds to Deal's Comments NOT to Support Palmetto Pipeline (Image 1)

In a somewhat surprising announcement, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal told reporters in Augusta today that the state will not support the Palmetto Pipeline project.  The governor’s staff confirms he made the remarks today at a chamber event.

“We’re going to object from the state level and I think that process will then go to the courts for a judge to decide,” Governor Deal told reporters in Augusta.

The governor also said he’s been in consultation with the DOT Commissioner and the state is going to disagree to that pipeline.

We are told that the issue however may ultimately be decided in court if Kinder Morgan objects.  That’s because Kinder Morgan has asked for a certificate of need and necessity from the state of Georgia and would have the right to appeal.

The announcement comes as Kinder Morgan and the DOT prepare for the second and final public hearing tonight in Waynesboro. (The public hearing is being held on the campus of Augusta Technical college in Waynesboro and begins at 5 p.m.

Savannah’s Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus expressed surprised when contacted.  “But we still want people to show up at the public hearing to show the governor that he is right,” she told us.

The response from the company:

Kinder Morgan is aware of press reports concerning a statement attributed to the Governor this morning.  We will reserve comment until we obtain further information concerning what was said, but we and our customers strongly believe that the Palmetto pipeline is good for consumers in the state of Georgia and we look forward to demonstrating that to the satisfaction of appropriate regulatory authorities. 

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